Hello, folks.

  It's been very cold these days in my city. I can not wait for warm and beautiful sunny day in spring.

  By the way, I went to Kyoto- city on last Tuesday to meet one of my best friend. She finely finished writing her master thesis,  so, we decided to meet each other to celebrate it. As usual, we talked about maaaaany things, such as literature, culture studies, about life, some strange happenings, good and bad things, and so on...  We enjoyed a lot. Good time has passed so quickly that we wanted to talk more and more, but the time's up.

  Before I get back home, I dropped by Lush store at Kyoto station. I got 5 bars of Karma soap (500g of them!) I love and totally addicted to this soap. As my stock was gone, that was good relief. I'm already using a new bar of this. And this smells sooooo good. I love them. I can not stay without them. If you do not know this soap, please look for it and try it on. I'm sure you'll like it!

  My 'on the beach' sweater is almost done. I'm looking forward to try it on. I made some changes on it, and it'll be like a knit dress. I'm knitting sleeves right now and with the left of the yarn, I will knit the body as long as possible. It is very good experience for me, to knit english pattern. This is my first attempt to do that. I'm enjoying a lot.

 Have a nice weekend!